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Featured Stories

  • Moving as one in the pool

    I have been competing on a Masters Artistic Swimming team for twenty years.
  • Easy days spent at the pool!

    I love the pool because everyday of the Midwest summer was spent there as a kid. 
  • When coaches make swimming worth it

    To this day I thank Jim for my swimming days from learning how to swim as a 5 year old through my high school years and later as a coach. 
  • What swimming taught me

    For many, the sport teaches much more than discipline and grace of movement in the water. It leaves the individual with a distinct creed, one which facilitates the maneuver through the obstacles of life. 
  • Synchronized swimming for life

    Although I normally coach from deck, I jump at the chance to swim when I can. Being in the pool with my athletes, I feel like that 8 year old in Minnesota again, enjoying every moment of being in the water. From underwater I have a different perspective to help best critique and advise my swimmers.
  • Why I Swim

    The split second when it’s quiet everything comes together, your practice, your support, and your passion. The start of the race marks that push, the sheer amount of energy being exerted is astronomical.
  • Swimming to success

    I had coaches who believed in me. They showed me that hard work pays off and pushed me to be my best.