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Summarized with permission from Just Not Sports

Thanks to Brad Burke for allowing us to share his wife and her team's story via the Just Not Sports podcast. 

Just not sports podcastDenison vs. Kenyon. It's the greatest college sports story you've NEVER heard. A historic 17-year national title streak on the line. Two arch rivals separated by a few miles. And a group of dedicated athletes determined to unseat an all-time NCAA dynasty. This is the story of the 2000-01 Denison women's swim team as they tried to pry the Division III national title from the vaunted Kenyon College Ladies. It's the untold story of a great rivalry, and the passion and culture of D3 athletes and swimmers everywhere. (It's also the story of celebratory cough drops, shower pep talks and the smelliest socks in sports history.)

And if you know nothing about swimming, we got legends ROWDY GAINES, NATALIE COUGHLIN HALL, MEL STEWART and ANDREW WILSON to explain the nuances of the sport. As we approach the 20th anniversary of this moment, it's time to revisit the Big Red vs. the Lords & Ladies!

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