Lifetime friendships made by the pool

By: Jim C., Ohio

Swimming has always been a part of my life.  I started swimming at age 4 on a summer time swim team up in the Cleveland area.  Some 60 years later I am still swimming as a masters swimmer.  Along the way I have also been involved in coaching for more than 40 years. 

Jim with a swimmerThe two main aspects of swimming that I value very much are the physical fitness benefits and the life time relationships you make with so many people.  I love the feeling after a great workout when you feel tired yet so rewarded for the hard work you just put in.  Then during the day when you just feel so physically fit and good.  But over the years the thing I have come to value the most about swimming is the relationships I have made through the sport.  I have so many friends I have made through swimming.  Some I still have from my first swim team, almost 60 years ago and some I have just recently met. 

I cherish it very much when an old swimmer reaches out and we reminisce.  I have swimming friends from all over the country that I enjoy talking to.  These are the memories that make me happy. 

I really miss swimming right now (with the Corona virus) physically, mentally and socially.

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