Make swimming fun

By: Gary H., California

IG: @garyhall.jr

Why do I love swimming?

Answer: It’s the closest we’ll ever come to flying. I love the weightlessness of gliding through the water, spiraling and flipping with currents. 

Other than that, I like the horsing around before, during and after swim practice. In high school I used to skip morning workouts by having a friend close me into a larger stand up locker in the changing room. A skinny kid, I used to crouch down and sleep upright in a locker. My teammate would let me out after practice and I’d shower and go to school. This went on for months before they (my coach and parents) caught on.  


It didn’t make me a better swimmer. But it was one of those swim memories that forced smile upon resurfacing through the years. It’s been a long time since I slept standing up in a locker.

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