3 Ways That The Pool Saved Swimmers During The Pandemic

swimming saved us during the pandemic

When we were told to stay home and social distance in March, we weren’t sure how long we’d be fighting a global pandemic. By late May, many of us felt anxious and ready to get back to some normalcy.

All throughout the US, pools considered whether or not they could meet social distance requirements and open for Memorial Day. For many of us, the pools opened and helped make these unprecedented times manageable.

1. Fun in the Sun

On many Saturdays, we were able to sign up, mask up and head to the pool for our 2 hour time slot.  During these sessions, we raced across the pool, flew down the slide, flipped off the diving board and floated our worries away. These weekend hours were some of the best family times we had after the shutdown and socially distanced spring.

2. Fitness and Well-Being

Weekday mornings were for lap swimming.  High school swimmers who didn’t get to finish their season, summer league swimmers and retired swimming grown ups shared the lanes to get some early morning mindfulness while staring at the lane line at the bottom of the pool. These are our people, we who prefer the smell of chlorine over the smell of coffee at first light.

3. Fighting the Heat

Our family, like many others, was able to escape the Midwest to the beach for a week in July.  These beach trips were different than years before, but one daily ritual stayed the same. Jumping into the pool after sweltering hours spent on the beach was the perfect ending to seven perfect vacation days.

Chlorine Deckwear

When we launched Chlorine Deckwear early in 2020, we hoped to capture the feelings we’ve always had on the deck of the pool. During the pandemic, we got to slow down and remember all the ways the pool played a part in our lives – family fun, fitness, mindfulness and a place to jump in and cool off.  


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